The TPL Group - Implementing Sustainable Change

The TPL Group is a professional management consulting firm committed to designing and implementing business improvement, organisational design and change management programs for corporations worldwide.

So what can The TPL Group offer your business?

We take your vision as the business leader, and overlay our expertise and resources to help your strategy to evolve and then most importantly implement sustainable change based on your strategy. These mechanisms will enable you to achieve true business success. Change is not a dirty word; there are an overwhelming number of successful companies that struggle with taking steps towards the next stages of growth and prosperity and this is where The TPL Group can really add value to any business.


The appetite for Change begins with the leader of the business; CEO, Executive Chairman or Board of Directors. Using the leadership vision we will work hand in hand with all levels of your management and staff, to apply proven organisational development techniques and management tools to provide sustainable outcomes. Change will not stick if you take a binge approach and without the ownership and support of your team, the ability to implement change within your company is almost impossible. By fostering buy-in from your people at the coal face, they will be left thinking that the idea to create positive change was their own.

Experience and Accountability

The TPL Group has a history of industry recognised accomplishment going back through an historic 20 year period in Australian business history. Often instrumental in implementing seismic change we have played our part in creating many milestones on the road to industry reform. We have built our reputation by helping our clients to make the tough decisions relating to people, process & technology issues. We have a strong track record of working with many high profile clients to achieve defined & measurable results by creating a systematic emphasis on controlled change, thereby handing our clients significant business success. Unless we believe we can deliver you a tangible return on investment in the cost of our work we will not proceed with any transformation assignment.

Clients have included many of the world’s largest blue chip corporations in all industry sectors including: Telecommunications, Utilities, Broadcasting & Pay TV, Financial Services, Advertising, Manufacturing, Sports Management, Engineering, Music Companies, Mining, Retail and Publishing. We have specialist expertise in defining and improving creative processes in all areas of the converging media and entertainment sectors.

Implementation is Key

Many companies realise the need for change but very few companies are truly successful in actually implementing these changes. It is one thing to have a great ‘vision’, but actually realising your goals requires a systematic focus on processes and strategic implementation that requires high level expertise and focus.

In short we will simplify your business by untangling the spaghetti and ultimately transform your business by creating a sustainable organisation and culture where continually improving is the natural order.